Sunday, 3 May 2009


1. Begin the day with ten mindful breaths as you lie in bed.
The way you start the day has a big effective on how it goes so why not start well.

2. Change the order in which you get ready in the morning.
This can help you wake up to what's happening.

3. Do the body scan or sitting meditation daily.
This is an important way to boost your practice.

4. Practice mindful yoga or mindful walking.
If you find being physically still uncomfortable, this is just as helpful.

5. If driving, look forward to red lights.
Red lights are a lovely opportunity to rest on your breath or to look at a beautiful tree or flower.

6. Let the telephone ring a few more times.
This is a chance to just listen instead of jumping on the phone. It helps your mindful listening practice.

7. If on public transport, ground yourself.
Feel your feet on the ground, or the weight of your body on the seat for a few moments. What effect does it have?

8. You have two ears, one mouth. Try listening more.
In your next conversation, listen more and talk a little less. What did you learn?

9. Observe nature.
Enjoy what the earth has to offer.

10. Focus on what you achieved today. Come back to the breath.
At the end of the day, think of 5 things you are grateful for. Feel your breath as you gently drift into sleep.


Freedom said...


Thanks for posting this.

Do you mind if i re-produce this on my blog under your name?

Shamash said...

Not at all. Please do Freedom!

camilyn said...


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Mano said...


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