Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Making time for Meditation

It's interesting how difficult it can be to make time to practise meditation. We wake up too late to engage in the practice in the morning, or go to bed so late that we're too tired. One of our excuses may be that we're too busy to meditate. Although this may feel real, it is in fact not quite true. We do find time to shower or brush our teeth or watch TV. So, why is it so hard to motivate ourselves to meditate?

I think it's the mind playing tricks on us. Thoughts like to keep going and going, and meditation begins to observe and watch and gently slow them down. Your thoughts don't really like this and so decide to keep you feeling as busy as possible to make you feel as if you should keep 'doing'. To reinvigorate our motivation to meditate and sit through the practice however we feel is an act of courage, strength, determination and freedom. It implies that you are in charge round here, not your mind. Not whatever your thoughts are saying. You're the boss. If you decide to meditate, you meditate. If you decide to go for a jog in the park on a cold autumn morning, that's exactly what happens.

Meditation is ultimately an act of love. It's about moving from the world of thoughts that are often comparing, judging, fighting, and competing, to a place of being, where whatever happens arises in the space of acceptance and kindness.

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