Sunday, 25 October 2009

3 Tips to be more Mindful

Here's a few easy first step to being more mindful in your life

1. Feel 3 breaths before you have a meal

Mealtimes happen regularly. It's a great idea to attach your mindfulness to meals which then both reminds you to practice, and also helps you to digest the food properly, as you're more likely to eat it at a sensible speed rather than gulping it down.

2. Feel your feet when you walk

We're normally in a doing mode of mind. That means we're goal orientated and easily get lost in our heads. By feeling your feet as you walk, you're being to move into being mode of mind

3. Have some quiet time daily

There's nothing better than a daily dose of mindfulness meditation. Simply feel your breath, or the sensations in your body, or connect with your senses for a few minutes every day.

Take a step towards mindfulness today!
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dthammer78 said...

Thanks for the mindfulness tips! I agree that spending some more time with integrating mindfulness with everyday activities can be very powerful--especially eating.

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